A group of Trump supporters went on tour to spread a message of peace

This segment originally aired Nov. 7, 2016, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

“We have a level of desperation in this country, and here’s our concern: When you have desperation, there’s desperate acts that are taken,” Scott Kesterson said.

Before the election, Kesterson and two of his friends went on a self-funded, 10-state road trip of conservative political events to keep the darkest impulses of some Donald Trump supporters in check. They called their trip the “Deplorables Tour.”

“We are a hair thread from a trigger revolution in this country, a civil war, and it’s not a joke, and we’re finding it as we travel,” Kesterson told a group in Lima, Ohio. “We vote, and that’s our responsibility — not just our right, it’s our responsibility to protect liberty. That’s our point, and that’s our solution.”

The group used endless war metaphors but insisted their real purpose was to spread a message of peace. They weren’t the only ones who worried about violence after the election.

“Everybody’s being played against each other,” Trump supporter Jacob Hicks said. “And I see it with the cops and Black Lives Matter. I feel like there’s going to be a massive war.”

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