Glenn Beck: “I didn’t do everything I could have” to stop Trump

A shorter version of this interview first appeared on VICE News Tonight on HBO. Watch that segment here.

Glenn Beck says he’s a man without a party — and without a candidate. VICE News’ Michael Moynihan met Beck at his ranch in Idaho to ask him what went wrong.

The conservative firebrand, who rose to prominence as one of President Obama’s most ferocious critics, now regrets the division he helped create and is disillusioned with the Republican Party. “I know I didn’t do everything I could have done” to prevent the rise of a man like Donald Trump.

A few years removed from his popular Fox News program that became a Tea Party mainstay, Beck said, “I have a different view of things now.” He thought that conservatives would be more principled than liberals, but he learned that “the right media is no different than the left media.”

In this exclusive interview, VICE News and Beck discussed what he got wrong about Obama (Beck said Obama made him a better man) and what happened to the GOP.

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