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Leslie Jones Hack

Hackers publish nude photos of Leslie Jones on her website

Hackers publish nude photos of Leslie Jones on her website

Comedian and actor Leslie Jones, who was targeted last month by misogynist and racist harassers on Twitter, has been attacked online once again.

Hackers posted nude photographs of Jones and other personal information to her website on Wednesday. TMZ firstreported the news.

While it’s still unclear as who carried out the hack on JustLeslie.com (which has since been taken offline) and Jones, the motives don’t seem to be too hard to discern.

Jones was one of the four co-stars in this year’s all-woman remake of “Ghostbusters.” Many people online, almost uniformly men, were upset with the casting decision. And Jones, a black woman, quickly became the subject of vicious and sustained online hate.

Last month, she briefly left Twitter after receiving death threats, graphic Photoshopped images and worse. Though Jones eventually returned to Twitter — and subsequently won widespread praise for her commentary on the Rio Olympics — the hate did not subside.

The hackers who defaced her website also posted a video of the gorilla Harambe, who was shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo earlier this summer. Many of the people harassing Jones online compared her to the animal, and another traditionally anti-black slurs.

Far-right media personality and Breitbart.com writer Milo Yiannopoulos — who was permanently banned from Twitter for his part in ginning up the earlier Twitter harassment campaign against Jones — distanced himself from the hack in a Facebook post.

The Wrap and other outlets are reporting that the photos and information came from a hack of Jones’s Apple iCloud account. This was the same way that photos of actor Jennifer Lawrence and model Kate Upton were stolen and posted to Reddit a couple years back.

Representatives for Jones and Apple could not be immediately reached for comment.

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