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How Trump talks about tech

“Much hacking,” our “cyber world,” and “the computer that picks up a phone”

How Donald Trump talks about technology, “much hacking,” and our “cyber world”

Sometimes it’s funny to watch our elders try to navigate the technological world. But when that person is Donald Trump, the man who will soon be responsible for making sure the United States is on the forefront of cybersecurity, it doesn’t feel like a laughing matter.

Trump has made a number of curious statements on the subject of computer security. He’s equated systematic hacking of American institutions to his 10-year-old son’s ability to crack the home computer password, and he’s suggested that it’s impossible to know who committed a cyberattack after the fact.

He’s also held contradictory positions on the openness of the Internet, saying that he will “protect Internet freedom” while also suggesting “closing that internet up,” dismissing “freedom of speech” advocates as “foolish people.”

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