Meet the steel workers who voted for Trump in Pennsylvania

This segment originally aired Nov. 1, 2016, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

“I’m a liberal, I’m a progressive, I’m a Democrat, I’m a union guy, so I know where I’m going to go,” retired steel worker Michael Russo told VICE News correspondent Josh Hersh in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, before the election. But asked if he was drawn to Trump? “Yes.”

Donald Trump pledged that he’d bring back the manufacturing jobs that Pennsylvania has lost in recent years. It’s a message that appealed to labor union members, many of whom helped Trump win rust belt states Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan on Tuesday, despite their unions officially endorsing Hillary Clinton.

“I’m willing to give someone else a chance. I think a lot of other people are the same way,” said Gerry Mayette, a 40-year veteran of the industry and lifelong Democrat who voted for Obama twice but was all-in for Trump this year. Bernie Sanders inspired many of these same union workers, who feel forgotten by politicians in Washington.

“If they’re trying to help us out, then they’re delusional,” Mayette said. “It ain’t working.”

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