The search for those #MissingInManchester continues on social media

One day after a bomb attack at a concert at U.K.’s Manchester Arena left 22 people dead, parents, relatives, and other loved ones are still searching for missing concertgoers on social media.

On Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, people are using the #Manchester and #MissingInManchester hashtags to search for and identify those who attended the Ariana Grande concert but have not yet been accounted for.

Since the attack Monday night, the hunt by those desperately seeking news about their loved ones has been stymied by fake photographs and made-up stories being widely shared on social media. For example, one tweet (which numerous press outlets have identified as a fake) posted by Twitter user Kylie Manser, using a photograph of a toddler from 2014, has been shared about 17,000 times. 

At least a half-dozen people were still believed missing as of Tuesday afternoon, according to a number of widely shared posts on Facebook and elsewhere.

For those still looking for friends and relatives, a list of phone numbers and links to helplines and local hotels is also making the rounds online.


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