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We compiled a list of recent attacks on Muslims in Quebec

We compiled a list of recent reported attacks on Muslims in Quebec

Hours after six people were confirmed dead and 19 injured in an attack at the Centre Culturel Islamique de Quebec on Sunday night, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard told the province’s Muslims, “This is your home. We are all Quebecers.”

While the data suggests that for most Muslims, Canada is a welcoming place to live, work and pray, statistics show a change in the way Canadians experience identity-based discrimination. Jewish Canadians are still the most targeted religious group in Canada, but those types of attacks have been dropping as attacks on Muslim Canadians increased.

The findings show that religion is the second most common motivation for hate crime, after race, and Quebec is the only province where you’re more likely to be attacked based on your religion than your race. A recent study out of Simon Fraser University counted as many as 25 right wing groups in Quebec, the highest concentration in the country. According to the study, they target people who are Muslim, Jewish, Aboriginal and LGBTQ. Quebec’s problem isn’t unique, however, as the rest of the country actually has higher levels of hate crime. Statistics from 2014 show there were 3.2 hate crimes per 100,000 people reported to police in Quebec, less than the average of 3.7 and well below the Yukon (5.5) and Ontario (4.8). 

Here’s a recent history of reported Islamophobic incidents in the province of Quebec.

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