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      Life After Guantanamo: Exiled in Kazakhstan (Trailer)

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      When five former Guantanamo detainees were resettled to Kazakhstan in late December 2014, a senior official in the Obama administration was quoted as saying they were "free men". But what does that really mean? VICE News traveled to Kazakhstan to investigate whether one chronically-ill Tunisian former Guantanamo detainee is truly free.

      Abdul Mohammed Rahman, also known as Lotfi Bin Ali, was captured in 2003 and recommended for release or transfer out of Guantanamo as early as 2004. Joint Task Force Guantanamo determined that he posed a "low risk" due to his medical condition, noting his severe heart condition and chronic breathing and sleeping problems. Twelve years later, he was resettled to Kazakhstan.

      VICE News investigates the terms of Lofti's transfer and the conditions of his medical treatment post-Guantanamo.

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