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      The USA and its Immigration Dilemma - The Business of Life (Episode 5 Trailer)

      What would your life look like if the millions of undocumented immigrants working in the US were deported tomorrow? Depending on who you trust, immigrants are either a drag on the economy, or a net positive. So what are the costs and benefits of immigration? This week, we're joined by NPR's Adam Davidson, United We Dream's managing director Cristina Jiménez, and former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum.

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      Introducing a new kind of talk show from VICE News. "The Business of Life" is a fresh perspective on the most important issues of our time, as told through the facts, figures, dollars, and cents that shape our world. Hosted by journalist Michael C. Moynihan, each episode brings together an eclectic panel of writers, thinkers, policy experts, and scholars to break down everything you need to make sense of the most complicated topics of our time.


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